mr. F.M.A. (Frans) van der Loo

Frans van der Loo studied at the University of Utrecht and completed his studies in Dutch Law in 1983. The main subject was Constitutional and Administrative Law, with a postgraduate degree supplemented with a few civil law courses. Frans has worked for many years in the civil service at Rijkswaterstaat in Maastricht in various positions as department head of Administrative-Legal Affairs, Land Matters and Land Acquisition, Private Law Affairs, Expropriation Manager, Project Leader Legal Guidance Project Zandmaas/Maas Route and Project De Maaswerken, Head of the Legal Affairs Department of the Rijksweg 73 Zuid / Rijksweg 74 project. Frans specializes in various areas of law such as spatial administrative law, construction law, expropriation law, environmental law, nature conservation law, water law, infrastructure law, General Administrative Law Act and Administrative Procedural Law (objection and appeal procedures), traffic law, land development law, agricultural regulations, land and real estate law, administrative compensation law, environmental law, water law and legal project management / environmental manager.

Practice areas: Environmental law, Administrative (procedural) law, Real estate law, Plan damage and loss compensation
Foreign languages: English, German
Phone number: +31-(0)475-33 30 30
E-mail address: [email protected]