Van Boven & van der Bruggen Advocaten

Godsweerdersingel 77, 6041 GK Roermond

P.O. Box 15, 6040 AA Roermond
Telephone : +31-(0)475-33 30 30,
E-mail : [email protected]

Office details

Van Boven & Van der Bruggen Advocaten B.V. is a private company with limited liability. We have our registered office in Roermond and use the trade name ‘Van Boven & Van der Bruggen Advocaten’

Trade register number : 14 10 30 11
VAT number : 81955155B01


Each year the office will settle the fee, paid by the hour, for every lawyer attached to the office, which will be communicated with the client during the first visit.

Register of legal practice areas

The advocates listed below have registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal areas:
a. Ellen Theunissen is registered on employment law and on persons- and family law (divorces, maintenance cases and access arrangements);
b. Marco Pals is registered in employment law and corporate law;
c. Bart van ‘t Grunewold is registered on tendering law and on real estate law (construction law, neighboring law, easements and ground lease);
d. Yves Breukers is registered on employment law, on inheritance law and on persons- and family law;
Based on this registration, they are required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered principal legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

Netherlands Bar Association

All attorneys-at-law associated with our firm have been registered with the Netherlands Bar Association, Neuhuyskade 94, 2596 XM The Hague, tel.: 070-3353535, [email protected]

Professional liability

Our firm has under the policy number 20991710 been adequately insured in respect of professional liability with Nationale Nederlanden Schadeverzekeringsmaatschappij N.V., Prinses Beatrixlaan 35, 2509 LM The Hague. This assurance is in accordance with the ‘Verordening op de administratie en de financiële integriteit’.

Complaints and disputes scheme

The complaints and disputes scheme is part of our general terms and conditions (clause VIII). Information about this scheme can therefore be found in our general terms and conditions.

The general terms and conditions include a clause on the location of the competent court (clause VIII).

Rules and Behavior codes

Rules and Behavior codes that are applicable to lawyers can be found on: